11 October 2014

Eaten At | Mizu

Suffolk is a funny place; rolling hills, beautiful country pubs and town centres that are great for shopping but not much else. However, there is a little gem hidden away in the town centre of Ipswich and everytime I am home I am more than willing to spend a while eating all the tasty treats they have to offer.

This little gem is called Mizu, nestled inside a tired looking hotel the restaurant is clean, bright and full of friendly staff.

I love eating here and proudly brought Aidan on two promises 1) The food will get to us in under 7 minutes and 2) It is better than Wagamammas. Bold promises, I know. 

Much like Wagamammas everything is cooked fresh and comes when its ready we ordered and luckily, enough during this visit, everything came at once!

Ebi Katsu was the first thing on our hit-list. Deep fried marinated Prawns in Japanese breadcrumbs with a sweet chilli sauce on the side. They were a nice idea but incredibly average in terms of taste, I enjoyed them but wouldn't order again.

Then we had Chilli and Pepper Squid, Aidan and I's favourite thing. Maybe ever.

I hate to say this but I have never had worse! The squid was completely overcooked and was like eating cardboard. So disappointing considering I usually have such good experience here.

It still looked lovely and this is the first time I have ever had it ineadable from Mizu but I definitely won't be ordering again!

Our mains definitely made up for the poor sides!

Being a creature of habit and a lover of all things from the sea I had my usual - Seafood Udon. Full to the brim with fishy treats the Udon noodles are covered in a thick and moreish oyster sauce and peppered with pak choi and spring onion.

Ab-so-lute Perfection.

Aidan, not being a fan of the thicker noodles went for the Yaki Soba. Egg Noodles served with Pork, Shredded Chicken, Prawns, Japanese Fishcake, Shiitake Mushrooms and allsorts of other tasty veggies. Phew! What a list!

Sprinkled with sesame seeds it looked quite the treat, and tasted it too!

Now, although our sides weren't everything I had promised we still had an amazing meal and yes, it was served to us by that 7 minute mark!

Mizu is only in 2 locations in the country, Ipswich and Brentwood, so if you're ever lucky enough to be near one definitely pop in - and let me know if I keep my promise!