I'm Lucy, I currently live in Scotland. This is me, when, if I'm honest my cake obsession started. Nothing much has changed since then (apart from a slight improvement in my table manners).

I love cooking, baking and making things from scratch which is why I started this blog - to share these things with you and, hopefully, get you all to do love them as much I do! 

I also love exercise, which is handy because I usually gobble up all of my edible creations, I love sharing my latest routines and favourite workouts with you on here too. 

I'm open to working with brands, and when I do I make it clear as well as remaining impartial and fair, if you are interested in working with me just get in contact!

Keep in touch with me:

Twitter: @Lucylouharvey
Instagram: @Lucylouharvey
Pinterest: pinterest.com/lucylouharvey/

For my CV click here.

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